Gratitudes on Bomb Threat Day

Friday,  December 4th 2015

Or is it GUN threat day? 


Yes,  today is a gun threat day,  it’s hard to keep track.  This is the 4th one in two weeks where are school system has received anonymous emails threatening mass violence in our schools.   

As parents fret and stress and wail about what to do, yesterday my course was perfectly clear; I had a Mindfulness group to facilitate.  I also had homemade muffins to share, not to mention children to calmly steward to school with directives that the world needs an EXTRA amount of love today.

Everyone’s senses are heightened because, even amidst the endless numbing stream of gun violence and mass shootings that are now a daily or twice daily occurrence in the U.S., SOME of them  (Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook and now San Bernadino, not to mention PARIS) blast new holes in our awareness of moral outrage and,  unfortunately,  fear. 

It seems some technically clever asshole has found away to exploit this latest episode in our cultural climate by dropping anonymous -and as of yet untraceable- email threats on our town.  We now have flanks of police and bomb sniffing dogs greeting our kids at school.  And fortunately this isn’t add bad as it sounds on account of our “People’s Republic” is a magical town with wonderful police and who doesn’t love dogs?

So as I maintain a strong, calm supportive presence in our school community, and slug it out fighting the Good Fight on Social Media, trying to stay credibly informed while engaging the like minded and (perhaps more importantly) the unlike minded alike…

I pause here to explicitly perform some thankfulness; to practice wellbeing, and because I have so frigging much to be thankful for.

1) This ridiculous new kitten, and the way she -HE!- came into our lives.

2) My husband going for his new JOB orientation today (what?!)

3) The new regularity, logistical challenges and income that will bring to our family.

4)  Our school, about which I could (and do!) speak volumes

5) Our town, which IMHO is the most perfect size, culturally rich, politically accessible, resource abundant, safe, healthy and academically endowed city possibly on earth. (I know,  sounds like a biased exaggeration and everything.)

6) Our home,  which we are simply inordinately lucky to have (even if o did work harder for it than anything else in my life since rowing.)

7) Oh yeah,  my career,  which is NEVER boring and always engaging, even when it is cruel and unusually annoying.  It also pays well -WHEN I get it- and affords me some random down times (like this one) which quite possibly o love the most.

8) My DBT group class from which I have derived so much insight, gasification and mutual support, and which just ended for me.  I will miss it even though I’m happy to move on.  Because

9) Mindfulness.  Lest I misrepresent myself,  I must admit that at this nascent stage I’m still not only a beginner,  but I still talk,  write,  read and think about it more than I actually practice it.  I’m still overcoming a life long propensity towards, kinetic …intensity.  (Just ask my family.)    Stopping whatever I’m doing has long been the hardest thing for me …do.   All the more reason practicing Mindfulness should be an imperative for me.   The health benefits -for me and family- are  astounding and resounding.

10) The local Mindfulness Network, of which of likewise only scratched the surface.  I won’t detail it here, I’m just honored and deeply pleased at the road ahead.  Because in fact,  I believe with Mindfulness all things are possible, AND I believe it possesses the key to cure almost all of Mankind’s ills. 

I do.  We’ll see.

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