Sacred in Mundane – Kids Checkup

Friday,  December 4th 2015

Mainly because it’s a struggle for me to be interested in the topic,  I’m grateful to have finally gotten the kids back to the dentist.


Also because Gavin has monster teeth (like his mother’s) growing in where he lost baby ones,  I’m capturing this fleeting moment, as ever.


Also because ClaraJane was too afraid to cooperate before, but this time her brother used sweet humor to reassure her;


And it worked!


That’s the thing with unicorns; everything they do feels enchanting when you’re their mother.  Well ok not everything,  but take for example your 4 year-old diligently showing off how carefully and thoroughly she knows how to brush teeth;


Actually at the risk of bragging,  I did receive one of the best compliments as a mom on this visit.  The kids and I were horsing around between treatments, and one of the staff members asked if I was the mom. 

“Yeah can you tell?” I said.

“No actually,” she said,  “Most moms are telling their kids to be quiet and stuff like that.  You act more like me with me niece and nephew,  wrestling and stuff.”

I told her I know what she means, because I work with kids too and frankly the parents are do likely to be such an overbearing pain in the butt.  “My main objective here is basically to keep all the bodily fluids where they belong,  and no trays of dental tools getting knocked across the room.”

“Well you have a lot of energy,” she said.

“Well I also haven’t been with them all day, so my interest in them is still pretty fresh.”

She laughed,  and then polished my daughter’s teeth.


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1 Response to Sacred in Mundane – Kids Checkup

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    I’d write my mom and dad about new baby Robert and my mother said I sounded more like his grandmother.

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