Head Chef Paul

Monday,  December 7th 2015

The kids were so excited to get to school today to say hi to the NEW Head Chef,  their DAD!


Gavin wrote his Daddy a personal note and headed for the food, while ClaraJane bee-lined right to the source:


Here the diminutive yet indomitable “Janet” schools the new Chef on the register,


And tells his daughter where to go:


You can tell how ferklempt I am by the blur in my photos above.   I mean, this is not about me but I’m amazed at the concept of all my babies going to the same school now, like every day for the entirety of the foreseeable future.   Also, Chef goes in super early so it’s up to me now  -and only me-  to get those rascals up and off to school; EVERY DAY. [Shock face emoticon.]

This must be nothing compared to the pressure he’s under.  Already I had one teacher say, “OK so we’ll be expecting really delicious food coming out of there from now on!”  Well,  the menu is dictated on a district level, although it has actually been deemed the best in the country.

[See: https://k12.niche.com/rankings/public-school-districts/best-food]

Even so I had one mom say it reminds her of Orange is the New Black, when the prison food was replaced by pre-fabbed packages.   And one Dad said, “Are they still using Styrofoam plates in the cafeteria?  That really bothers me.  Maybe Paul can take care of that.”  Grr.

At the same time, everyone I ran into is delighted and happy for us.   Students welcomed him over the loud speaker during announcements this morning, staff and teachers were surprised and thrilled, and our principal said she is “really, really excited!”

Because I had to put limits on how much a wife can annoy her husband on his first day on the job, I don’t yet have a shot of him with All the (Lunch) Ladies,   but here they are in the staff photo on the school bulletin board:


                  Paul’s new Gang

Finally,  from the upcoming school newsletter: Look Who’s Cookin!

Our kitchen has a new Head Chef, and it is none other than Tobin Dad, Paul Oberhauser! Originally from Minnesota, Paul has been a chef his entire career, including several years cooking on tall ships sailing around the Caribbean and several Boston area restaurants.  For the past 7 years he has been part-time fishmonger/consultant at New Deal Fish Market in Cambridge and full-time Dad to his two Tobin students, Gavin and ClaraJane, who are thrilled to have their Daddy at school.  Chef Paul is honored to be working in the district of schools ranked #1 in Best Food in America.  Welcome Chef Paul!


It’s already having a good effect on students.  ClaraJane for one, forgoing her usual cereal in favor of warm french toast; “Guess what,” she says, “I ate all my breakfast!”

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6 Responses to Head Chef Paul

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Of COURSE we believe in miracles! I am ferklempt. This is just wonderful, for so many reasons.

  2. dad says:

    congrats and wow the kids with great tasting food. love dad

  3. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Tonight I clicked again and lo! I got the “Cambridge #1 food” site!

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