HALLOWEEN 2015 – The Day Before

Friday,  October 30th 2015

You’d never know it’s only the day BEFORE Halloween, starting with the Halloween Party at School:


Yours Truly, ClaraJane, Aunt Amanda, Baby Mary


Gavin and Miles test out their Sparring Ninja & Gladiator costumes, while the Ladybug and Warrior Girl snuggle.  Or as my Mom says;


“Yin & Yang”


Four Fierce Warriors. (Q:  Which one do you think is most lethal?)


Miles, Darwin, Gavin, ClaraJane

(A: I don’t know about you but my money’s on ClaraJane.)



Magic Show Ladies


When we came in and sat down, the boys moved away from us to another aisle:


Leave us alone; We’re Warrior Guys


Young Victor dominates the bouncy house:



Dragon Victor


While his mom waggles a witch finger at me:


You don’t mess with Oksana


Next we blitz through the business district of our neighborhood for “Inmanween,” starting at our favorite toy store, Stella Bella:


Trick-or-Treating in our favorite toy store, Stella Bella


The bank on the other hand was not expecting us to come in Trick-or-Treating, so ClaraJane sneaked into the bank manager’s office -like she always does- to sneak some doggie treats from the secret stash.


“Shhh!” CJ tells me


My bank buddy Eder takes it upon himself to go dig some candy out from the back office somewhere.  Kids gotsta get paid! (In candy of course.)


How’s that, kids? 


Next stop, our Mayor!


Trick-or-Treat, Mayor Maher! (“Mayer Mayer”)


Mayor Maher was out campaigning for re-election this coming Tuesday.  Paul saw this photo and asked, “What is Gavin standing on?”
My answer:  “The Mayor!”


Gavin, Mayor Maher & ClaraJane

Gavin told the Mayor: “If you get re-elected, you should tell the (U.S.) President to make some laws to protect us from all the guns!”

And Mayor Maher said, “Good job!  You know what that is, when you tell people how you feel about issues like that?  ADVOCACY.  Keep doing that!”

(I also mentioned to Mr. Maher and a our neighborhood cop that Gavin’s mom *might* have just composed an angry song about the lack of gun control…)


Next up for ClaraJane, “face painting” by Naveo Credit Union‘s own Snow White:


A horse?  OK let’s see.  Hmm…



Nice job Snow White (o:


Moving right along, we’re off to the Marriot Hotel by the River.  First a quick joust with Captain America, who told ClaraJane “You’re too strong for me.”


Taking on the Captain in the Lobby


Why the hotel?

Why, the pièce de résistance;  a COUSIN SLEEPOVER WITH GRANDMA Z!!!

Fresh in from Florida just for this occasion:


Where even 12 year-olds still Jump on the Bed



And 7 year-olds land in their Granmda’s arms



And Grandmas marvel at your latest missing tooth


Holy crap.  So much more to come in such a short time… I can hardly stand it!


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