HALLOWEEN 2015 – Feeling Spooky

October 29th 2015

In The Spirit!

ClaraJane's Scary Monster

ClaraJane’s Scary Monster




Haunted Bun House

Even the Bun House is Haunted






2015-10-23 16.36.34

Gavin carves his pumpkin (all by himSELF)




2015-10-23 16.40.03

Pleased as Pumpkin Pie




2015-10-23 15.41.17-1

I come home to find my three doing art



2015-10-23 15.41.01-1

Including CJ painting her own face


“I’m Evil” she says:



2015-11-01 09.41.22-1

Spooky Gallery



Halloween Artwork

Halloween Artwork



Speaking of artwork, here is a piece by our cousin Henry:

Pumpkin by Henry (age 11)

Pumpkin by Henry (age 11)



2015-11-01 09.42.12-1

Table Scape (#nerd)









Ya Caught Me

Ya Caught Me




Coming SOON

Coming SOON

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3 Responses to HALLOWEEN 2015 – Feeling Spooky

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Spookiness and evil abound! Great Halloween!

  2. Irene Cross says:

    I love your blog!!!!

    • So glad you like it Irene!
      Sometimes it has more global value than others, but it’s very therapeutic for me, hopefully a great archive for my kids, and always “Sacred in the Mundane!” (Even if that “scared” is sometimes “Sacrilegious.” (o; )
      THANKS for joining me for the ride!!!!! Much love, Jennifer

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