Pumkin Dash

Thursday, October 29th 2015

"On your Spot, Get set , Go!"

“On your Spot, Get set , Go!”

The kids’ gym teacher, Ms. S., puts on a special theme related physical activity every month, and today Daddy & I were lucky enough to peek at ClaraJane’s participation in the “Pumpkin Dash” extravaganza. (Sorry that schedule didn’t allow us to see Gavin’s.)


2015-10-29 09.42.16-1

Ms. S hands Victor a (lightweight fake) Pumkin


2015-10-29 09.48.05-1

CJ makes sure we’re watching her Inflatable Pumpkin Dash



2015-10-29 09.55.13-6

Cute (blurry) photobomb during balancing portion of the dash



2015-10-29 10.03.36-1

Run CJ Run!



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