The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show

Spring, 2015

The Boston Museum of Science is home to the Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show.  These two accomplished juggling comedian performers, Dan Foley and Joel Harris, together with the National Science Foundation and a bunch of other highbrow scientific organizations created this incredibly fun and educational show about Nanotechnology.  What a wonderful medium for taking mind-blowing scientific information and making it totally accessible to children and families.

Here is an Amazing taste (demonstrating the composition of an ATOM, no less) [1min,43secs]:


Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show

Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show


And here, in case you can’t make it to the LIVE show, is a taped version in its entirety, compliments of the Boston Museum of Science [34mins,18secs]:


Or if you please, the 30 second promo instead:

FWIW, as I write, here are the performance dates remaining at the MOS this Spring (of 2015, all Saturdays):

March 28
April 4
April 11
April 18
April 25
May 2
May 9

And here’s more info:

To me, this show has got it all; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math.
In other words, #STEAM (one of the main reasons I want to bring the live performance into every elementary and upper school in our district, starting with our city’s School Committee Members… but that is another story).



PS:  For more about Dan & Joel, see 

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