Breakfast in Bed

Sunday, March 8th 2015

I made it for you Mamma

I cooked it for you Mamma

Ingredients, to my view:  My Little Pony, tiny doll bed, crayons, Hello Kitty ink stamper, foam cube, mini scissors and, as ClaraJane points out, “I made it with hot pepper!”

Also, wooden toast with Silly Putty “jam.”

Thank you Baby, I love hot pepper!

Thank you Baby, I love hot pepper


A nutritious, delicious well-balanced meal.

C'mon Mamma, eat your jam!

C’mon Mamma, eat your jam!


I don’t know what I did to deserve all this attention, but Daddy brings me breakfast in bed too (after negotiating past ClaraJane):

Daddy weighs in

Daddy weighs in


For entertainment, Gavin practices balance:

A rare moment of Zen

A rare moment of Zen


And ClaraJane performs her “What the Heck!?!” Face.

What the Heck!?!

What the Heck!?!


I don’t know why they are so motivated to reward this staying-in-bed behavior, but I’ll take it.



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