Professor Quackenstein Duck Tour

April 1st 2015

The Professor and Crew

The Professor and Crew


As if the excitement of finally riding the Big Underwear Social Tour Bus this week wasn’t enough, I also got to ride the very Boston Duck Boat Tour driven by my BELOVED friend, Danny.

Duck Riders

Duck Riders


Actually that’s Professor Quackenstein to YOU.  You might also know him by some of his “experiments in alchemy, time travel, and discount brain surgery.”

Danny as Professor Quackenstein

Professor Quackenstein


I’ve been meaning to take this tour ever since Dan BECAME Quackenstein a couple years back.  This season, thanks to my niece Evvy needing to write a paper on an “interesting person,” I’ve been stalking the ice on the Charles River, waiting for the moment it melted so we could go asap.  It was a gorgeous day, and a glorious way to brush off the crusty winter and splash into Spring.

Happy Mamma

Happy Mamma


Our Duck this day was Beantown Betty, as perceived in this Selfie:

Beantown Betty

Beantown Betty


I want to delve into all things Danny here, but that is both a subject deserving its own post and the topic of my niece’s paper.  Let me suffice it to say that in addition to being an incredible juggler, performer, musician, rock band leader, stand-up comic, family man, FRIEND and -more recently- Duck Boat Tour driver (!), he and his juggling partner Joel perform the Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show at our own Boston Museum of Science.

"And in my spare time I perform tiny scientific juggling shows at this little science museum."

“And in my spare time I perform tiny juggling shows it this little science museum.”


Quackenstein himself even snapped this shot of my kids at the helm, during his compulsory “union break” out on the water.

Subsitute Co-Captains

Subsitute Co-Captains


Thrilling as the ride was, his voice was still soothing enough for my three year old daughter to eventually drop off into the Land of Nod.

Beantown Beddy Bye

Beantown Betty-Byes


Alas, here’s my video of our enchanting experience;  2015-04-01 Quackenstein Duck Tour [4mins, 5secs]:



Priceless Times


THANK YOU QUACKENSTEIN!  Your tour was the GREATEST, and our experience was -quite literally- priceless.


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