B.U.S.T. Bon Voyage Joy Ride

Sunday, March 29th 2015

One last time, before they head back home to Germany for six months, we visit the Big Underwear Bus.  This time… for my first time… for a RIDE.  As in, actually spark the thing up and DRIVE IT AROUND.  Obviously it’s a BUS, and it’s been from Oregon to PANAMA and back and forth across the U.S. several times.  But to me it’s more like a myth and a legend.  To me the bus is a spiritual home and magical bungle of the most singularly unique friends I have.  Here we go.
This time, within seconds, Gavin is behind the wheel:

Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll


Brady sparks up the Bus by poking it in the butt (that is where the ignition switch is; ain’t it true for us all):

What we all need

A Poke in the Butt to Get Going ; What We All Need


And we’re off!

Bonus Co-Pilot

Driver’s Helper


Gavin *helps* with driving;

Assistant Co-Captain

Assistant Co-Captain


While ClaraJane engages Irmi in staring contest.

Staring Contestant

(They both won!)


While in motion, the bus tends to sprinkle down items falling off shelves and stuff, such as this hat:

Uncle Sam's Nephew

Uncle Sam’s Nephew


Meanwhile, I drive like this every day:

I drive like that everyday!

(Well maybe not the stripper part)


Daddy & CJ get dreamy:

"I'm Floating"   "I'm on a Boat"

ClaraJane:  “I’m Floating”   DLove:  “I’m on a Boat”


After a leisurely, picturesque jaunt from Warwick, R.I., we stop along the waterfront of historic Wickford:

Dock Clomping Girl

Dock Clomping Girl


Where adventure awaits:

Follow the Leader (Mitläufer?)

Follow the Leader [aka: “Mitläufer”?]

Also because adventure awaits wherever you decide to make it (even if whilst holding Daddy’s Hand):




I say nothing and follow silently as Gavin clambers back and forth along the boulders, along the icy water precipice.  Before my eyes his confidence grows.  He asks me to time him.  1:31.  Again: 1:15.  Again:  0:52 seconds!  0:52 again.  Then 0:47!   Amazing.  Wonderful!  (HOORAY FOR THE UNBRIDLED CHILD)

Newfound Boulderer

Bouldering Boy


Then a stroll through town, with a stop to admire someone ELSE’s collection of antique MARBLES (Gavin’s most coveted possession of Brady’s):

Listen, Son...

It’s like this, Son…


Then into the “Grateful Heart” to visit our beloved MariBeth (even if the store owners weren’t so grateful we stopped by near closing time).

Grumpy Anyway

(even if Grumpy)


Then we followed Maribeth to her friend’s Blues performance at this place.

Who needs a Villa when you have a Bus?

Who needs a Villa when you have a Bus?


Brady & Irmi danced their last night in the U.S., before heading back to old Deutschland.

Not before Brady waxes sentimental for all he is leaving here… for now:

My Friend

My Friend (whom I treasure)


Back to Bus HQ for one last night.  With a little helper, Irmi whips us up a coffee for the road;

ClaraJane and Irmi in the Kitchen... with a pot on the hearth fire...

ClaraJane and Irmi in the Kitchen while the pot waits on the hearth fire...


And it’s Bon Voyage.


“You don’t have to do anything to join.  You’re already a part of it.” 


In review, here’s the movie version of our day; Big Underwear Bon Voyage Joy Ride [2min,15secs]:

Auf Wiedersehen

Auf Wiedersehen




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