Magic Beans

Thursday, March 26th 2015

Adorable Beans

Adorable Beans


Off to Magic Beans to spend the $10 ClaraJane earned with her Marble Jar!

Who loves her brother

Who loves her brother


Quelle Surprise, the kids are in especially copacetic moods.


And guesses he loves her back

And who guesses he loves her back


Who am I to resist photographing them:

This is forever, Guys

This is forever, Guys


Once inside, among the many wonders, ClaraJane presents me this and says: “Mom, you and me get to be neighbors.  And you live in the down floor and I live in the top floor.  It’s for you.”

It's for you

My Neighbor


At long last choices are made (and again she insists her brother gets the same reward as her), and serious transactions are conducted:

At the Cash Register

Getting Change from the Clerk


And treasures are gained.





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1 Response to Magic Beans

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    These are indeed the days…

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