Skip Hop RUN!

2013-08-23 On this day…

ClaraJane wanted nothing to do with her dress. I got the bloomers on over the diaper and then for the dress it was all, “OWEEEEEE!!!” Ri-i-ight.  I decided not to fight it. Yet before we left she was sure to put on her firetruck rain boots. OK, so with her Paci-Love combo -she doesn’t go *anywhere without one, the animal du jour being *chicken* today- the Baby Goddess’s was Ready to Go.

Meanwhile, she has cultivated this little Skip-Hop gait in place of regular ambulation. Here is the result, for your enjoyment:

CJ Skip-Hops to Daycare [38 seconds]

What more can I say?

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1 Response to Skip Hop RUN!

  1. paysonroadfarm says:

    I love the outfit ❤

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