Firebomb Lovey Ninja Dance

Earlier this year my son designated a goal of “Firebomb Lovey” for himself. He made a chart and filled it up over time with stickers for good behavior and everything. Unfortunately I don’t even know where that chart is now. But happily, we finally made Firebomb Lovey yesterday! (Phew. It’s a relief to not fail delivering an earned promise to your child.) Here it is, Behold!


Firebomb Lovey

Chief Designer

Designer in Chief

Proud Owner

Proud Owner

Apparently he is pleased with the outcome, judging by the song & dance it inspired:

I Just Made Up A Song -Version One and Two  [30 seconds total]: 

Full Disclosure:  He just came in this morning, disappointed he “forgot” to show me his THIRD Version Ninja Dance.  He asked me to videotape it and performed it on the spot to add to this post.  (A rare treat, considering he usually rebels at being recorded, like any kid.)  Not to be missed, here it is:

Gavin’s Ninja Dance – Version THREE [43 seconds]:

And given the recent popularity of the Six Second Video, here is my “Vine”-inspired loop  [23 seconds]: 

Pure Boy.  Pure Joy.  Have a Ninja Day!

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3 Responses to Firebomb Lovey Ninja Dance

  1. Paul Oberhauser says:

    Love it

  2. paysonroadfarm says:

    Firebomb Lovely is an inspiration! Your kids are so lucky to have such creativity in their lives… And they probably won’t know how lucky they really are for a long time! 😀 My favorite version of the song is the “dance version”, and you gotta love how nonchalant CJ is amidst all the action.

  3. That is one adorable ninja.

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