Non Fiction

Being the morning after a late night gig, today my family charitably let me sleep in a little.  (Y’know, like ’til 8:06.  Not bad.)   As my bleary eyes opened, I was blinded by the most beautiful sight a mother could see; her two children hugging.  “[This is my] BRUHDER…” cooed my girl, as my son hugged her back, smiling.  I do not have a photo of this to show you, because (as I always say,) the best things happen off camera.  Next thing I know, my daughter is donning big brother’s coveted *Spiderman hat*, and he is letting her!   “Do my eyes deceive me?” I asked, “Is this really happening?”

2013-07-03 Non Fiction (1)

Is this really happening?

Yup!” says my boy, “This is NON-Fiction!” he announces, climbing into bed with me, sporting a watermelon face (thank you Daddy).

This is NON fiction

This is NON fiction

When I stumbled out of the bedroom, I encountered this:


My not-yet-two-year-old girl vacuuming

And this:

There's breakfast and  coffee, dear

There’s breakfast and coffee, Dear

And this:

Your dining companion awaits

Your dining companion awaits

As I hunch over my coffee, my son decides to assemble a puzzle Map of the World (shouldn’t a king should always remain acquainted with his territories)… singing aloud, with his usual perfect diction: “ANT-ARK-TICA!”

His reading comprehension dazzles us daily

His reading comprehension dazzles us daily

And, when my daughter decides All Is Not Right In Her World, who comforts her? [17 seconds of shaky videography but priceless soundtrack]

2013-07-03 Non Fiction (7)

“Bruhder,” of all people

Doesn’t her position remind you Homer Simpson?  In fact, this Bizzaro-World morning makes me *feel* like Homer Simpson, in the episode where he time travels with a toaster and lands in a parallel universe [51 seconds]:

Yet, as with all things, “This too shall pass.”  Which is precisely WHY we celebrate the fleeting moments, even as they flee.

Celebrate Moments

Celebrate the Moments of your Li-i-fe

[5 seconds]

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2 Responses to Non Fiction

  1. Mary Margaret says:

    Good thing there is occasionally no school or camp.

    ClaraJane, movin’ on up. Soften up Brudah wit a hug then snag the Spiderman cap.

    Ball Pit Kids — no wonder Gavin said he wanted his next birthday party at StellaBella toys. It was great when Spidey fell into the pit.

    • Thanks Mom! (Having trouble with Youtube playing the intended video clips btw; hope to repair asap.) Love you & see you soon!

      On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 10:03 AM, circuskitchen

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