Despair Boy – June 8th 2013

Debuting HERE, for the FIRST TIME in the WORLD…
We here at CircusKitchen humbly present our first production using iMovie…
Without which the momentous events documented herein might have been lost FOREVER.
Instead, well… here, just watch the thing:  [1min, 6secs]  


About circuskitchen

performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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3 Responses to Despair Boy – June 8th 2013

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  2. So frustrated when “insert youtube from URL” doesn’t work in the WordPress “Add Media” function. Grrr!!

  3. Robert Thompson says:

    HA!!! AWESOME!!! Love it! 😀

    On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 8:36 AM, circuskitchen

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