Hooray for the MacBook

With encouragement from my husband AND my mother, I bit the bullet this past weekend and MADE THE SWITCH.  After years of hobbling and cobbling together photo, video and sound editing with borrowed and downloaded software on my PC… it was a few weeks ago at my son’s school when the school “Technology Specialist” recorded my voice on a MacBook SO EASILY AND WELL using “Garage Band” (one of its many standard artistic tools) that I finally said, “WHAT AM I DOING!?  WHY AM I STILL A PC IN THIS MAC WORLD!?!?!”  It’s like, HULLO!  I’m an *ARTIST* yo!  “That’s IT,” I said, “I’m making THE Switch.”

If you know me or follow this blog, you know I’m always yearning for more time to actually DO the Blog (chiefly for the selfish purpose of documenting my kids etc.).  Do you suppose a new found ability to do it from, say, BED, or a COFFEE SHOP, will help?  Call me lazy but many nights (and days) -after GIGS and KIDS- it is apparently too much to ask of me to actually sit down at the DESK and deal with Ye Olde PC.

So here I go; wheee!!!

My first foray into iPhoto:


From this



(Nerd note:  These were taken with the macro lens option on my dumb “smart” PHONE*… a Samsung Android Something with a pretentious name like “Galaxy” or “Stratosphere.”  To quote Louis CK, “EVERYTHING IS AMAZING.”  More on that later.)


And from this…



Yes, it’s my reality and I can enhance it if I want to.  And by the way, PhotoShop?  Thank you for all the great times PhotoShop.  I am sure you are worth every penny I never paid for you.  But, let’s see, how do I put this?  Um…  See ya!  (Get it? “See…”?   Never mind.  We were never meant to be.)

And STAY TUNED for the little nugget I just threw together in iMovie.  COMING SOON… to a BLOG POST NEAR YOU!


Oh, and PS:  The other Great Hope-Promise is my finally getting caught up (and perhaps *staying* that way?  Or… getting ahead? ) on my admin WORK duties.  What do you think?

And also, PPS:  As I write here from the kitchen table still in my jammies with a *cat* on my lap… do you think I’ll ever shower again?  Tell me Mac; do you have an App for THAT?

PPPS:  As for the Nut$ & Bolt$:  “The $witch” *only* co$t me about $1,450, for the 256G model including 3 year warranty.  Coulda woulda shoulda financed it for 0% over 18 months… but my approval for the credit line came through AFTER I left the store.  By then I had taken A Gulp and The Plunge.  Now I steel my nerves as I undertake to pay this thing off in the face of the holiday$.   So, if you only get a card from me this year (or an email)… call me a selfish wench but now you know why!  At least I’m an honest, selfish wench.

PPPPS:  I have to add that the folks at the Apple store couldn’t have been greater by the way.  (That’s you, Caleb and Holger!)   They are inexhaustibly helpful, and make the loss of your dearly departed money as truly pleasant as possible.  Isn’t that nice of them?  Great job, guys!

PPPPPS:  (“Won’t she ever shut up?”  Nope!  Just ask my mom.)

PPPPPPS:  Hi Mom!  Look, no wires!  (Or hygiene…)

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12 Responses to Hooray for the MacBook

  1. Paul says:

    Love it. now go shower the cat will come back!

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Once upon a time, long ago and far away, my mother washed my baby brother’s diapers kneeling over the the bathtub. Our iron-rich well water was orange, so the diapers became orange too. I believe she used Ivory Snow from a box. She’d wring them out, straighten up her aching back, and try to get her spoiled-princess daughter (moi) to hang them outside on the clothesline with wooden clothespins. Later she would gather the board-stiff diapers off the line and crunch them into diaper-folds. Itchy, scratchy, impregnated with iron and Ivory Snow, they gave diaper rash to the baby.

    Then came Pampers.

    It’s like that.

    • Wow Mom! Possibly the most visceral metaphor I’ve ever experienced. Thanks also for your encouragement and excitement over my finally joining the club.

    • paysonroadfarm says:

      Hahahaha! I am in love with this metaphor. PCs give ME a rash! Congrats Jenny! Also- Your Mom is SO cool 🙂

      • No argument here! =oD

      • MaryMargaret says:

        I saw this last night and looked her up in Maine. She may be a kindred spirit to you, at least in loving to keep a running commentary on what she and her kid are doing.

        Do you know her? I seems she may have just stumbled across your blog.

      • Yes isn’t she wonderful? We were room mates at Newcastle for a brief time, in our former lives!

  3. Elizabeth Allen says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Macs!! No turning back. 🙂

    Sent from my iPad


  4. “Sent from my iPad.” How apt. Thanks Elizabeth! Delighted to be joining you… xoxo!

  5. Once you go Mac, you never go back!

    Welcome to a whole new world of blogging.

  6. Amen Caelan, and thanks! (O=

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