Just My Cute Daughter

So I have pulled out Ye Olde Juggling Pins a few times in the last couple days (at home!), again with the encouragement of my amazing DH (“Dear Husband”).  Of course my daughter -who is but two- insisted on trying them herself. When I saw her holding three juggling clubs -the tools of MY trade- I ran for the camera. When I asked her if I could take her photo holding the clubs, she said, “No, forts!” By which she means, “Forks.”  The tools of HER trade of course. (Eating.)

Although lately, one of my favorite eating-related transactions with her recurs like this (and does not involve forks):
1) She comes over, mouth full, chewing.
2) I ask, “What are you eating?”
3) She smirks, and says, “NUTS!” invariably spewing a few little bits.
I don’t know why I think it’s so funny.  Perhaps because it’s such a perfectly fitting food for someone of her ilk to graze on.  Perhaps because of her wisdom to forage for them herself (thank you Montessori-inspired Kids Snack Table).  Perhaps because it’s a welcome variation from her usual default diet of milk, butter, sometimes bread with that, and cheese.   Add to this “NUTS!” and you have apparently all a Baby Goddess needs to grow HUGE, STRONG, BRILLIANT, HILARIOUS, GORGEOUS, SPARKLING and FABULOUS.

Anyway, here she is modeling her forks:

2013-11-26 CJ Forks (1)

And yes…

2013-11-26 CJ Forks (2)

I’m including…

2013-11-26 CJ Forks (3)

all four…

2013-11-26 CJ Forks (4)


(Pray tell how would *you* have edited down the lot?)

When you love something this much, you just want to stare at it from every angle.

A beggar at the feast; I shall never get enough of that face.

Anyway, there ya go.  “FORTS!”

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1 Response to Just My Cute Daughter

  1. Paul Oberhauser says:

    Love my girls!

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