Baby’s First Chiropractic

Friday, March 26th 2021

After ClaraJane reports lower right back pain enough times, I get her in to the chiropractor.

Dr. Lowey II shows ClaraJane the Sacroilliac Joint


My own chiro, Dr. Ken Lowey of Newton Center Chiropractic, has saved -restored!- my life functioning a multitude of times, and is arguably the most pleasant person I’ve ever met.

Fun fact for today’s appointment; his child, Dr. Drew Lowey, treated my child!

In the “shocked but not surprised” department, Dr. Drew reports seeing a lot of kids presenting with adult stress disorders these days… from all the damn pandemic screen time.

Sure enough her Sacroilliac Joint is out of alignment, from sitting too much and not enough exercise. Also, due to the confines of the Chromebook, proper ergonomic alignment -all right angles- is not even possible. My son has it better with his desk top computer.


Gavin’s mostly right-ish angles at his desk.


Dr. Drew asks me how much exercise she gets. I’m like:


He puts her through the paces to identify the problem, massages the area, starts moving vertibrae back into alignment using “The Activator” (a little percussion tool that sounds like a staple gun), prescribes some targeted daily stretches for her to do, gives us the student rate of $35, recommends 2-3 more treatments tops, approves a standing desk and says, “What I want you to do is just; go run around. Every day.”

Fortunately that’s one of her favorite things to do with (other peoples’) dogs in the park anyway.


Dr. Drew of Newton Center Chriopractic; lovely, helpful and inspiring like his dad.


Once home, I set up her standing desk right away, courtesy of the book shelf, AND the balance board.

CJ at “School” on the Chromebook.


She even seems to like it.

“Go away mom. I’m in a meeting.”


I shudder with the privilege of having my child present with such solvable problems, knowing full well that when it comes to health there is no entitlement to that kind of outcome. Ever.

All I can do I shut my mouth* in the deafening supplication of gratitude.

*(Symbolically anyway. Since like, there is zero chance I will ever actually shut my mouth.)

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2 Responses to Baby’s First Chiropractic

  1. Bow WOW says:

    You have DOGS?

    • Ah… good point, thanks. Edited to clarify “other peoples'” dogs. Thanks mom. Still don’t know when I’m going to “LEARN ENGLISH,” but I’m working on it! (o;

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