Bubble Wow’s Drawing of Tweenage Gavin

Saturday, March 27th 2021

Mom drew and colored this image from a photo she took of him in his room on 3/18/21.


Gavin havin’ his own room is new since the pandemic and it’s a small but extremely cool space.


Gavin loves it. We all do.

DaddyLove: “She even captured the black void of a cat.”

Me, showing it to ClaraJane: “Isn’t it so awesome?”

CJ: “Yeah. And it’s absolutely accurate too!”

She’s right. The accuracy is uncanny: the shape of the rectory building outside, the pastels of the bulletin board on the window sill, the posture of the cat, the New Yorker anthologies, the ladder to his bunk bed, the moccasins, of course the bean bag and the blue reading pillow; and Gavin’s hair and expression.

What a snapshot.

Good one Mom! Love you.


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1 Response to Bubble Wow’s Drawing of Tweenage Gavin

  1. B Wow says:

    Thank you! Real fun to do such a cool guy in such a cool space. I had to make Gavin’s black clothes gray in order to make visible the cat, and I moved the New Yorkers to the floor. Gotta be the best beanbag chair ever.

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