Vetting Cats in Triplicate

Thursday, March 11th 2021


On this much-anticipated day, we load three cats into a bag and haul them off to the Cambridge Cat Clinic. Because Covid precautions prevent my daughter from accompanying me and the cats beyond the front door of the vet’s office -and she is their other mother- I made her this video instead:


2021-03-11 Vetting Cats in Triplicate [0:43]:


One of the more surprising discoveries is that, in spite of our vigilance over Peter Parker, he’s still chonky. In fact, right after I tell the vet how we’ve been more careful with feeding lately… she tells me he’s actually *gained* a couple ounces since his Urgent Fat Care appointment in January. Apparently us shouting, “Parkour! Parkour!” as he clumsily stumbles across our laps is not exactly an effective weight loss regimen.


Peter Parker (L) and FlashCat (R) get their exams.

Another surprise was that FlashCat, who is bigger and traditionally fatter, is *not* overweight, he’s just big boned and has extra flaps of fur.

Let’s play; FLAB OR FLAP!


Flab to the left of me, Flappy to the right…


Meanwhile Darth Snowflake weighs in at 8.8 lbs.; perfect for his petite little frame.

You mean, “Purrfect.”.


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