Vetting Cats in Triplicate

Thursday, March 11th 2021


On this much-anticipated day, we load three cats into a bag and haul them off to the vet. Because Covid precautions prevent my daughter from accompanying me and the cats beyond the front door of the vet’s office, I made her this video instead.


2021-03-11 Vetting Cats in Triplicate [0:43]:


One of the more surprising discoveries is that, in spite of our vigilance over Peter Parker, he’s still chonky. In fact, right after I tell the vet how we’ve been more careful with feeding lately… she tells me he’s actually *gained* a couple ounces since his Urgent Fat Care appointment in January. Apparently us always shouting, “Parkour! Parkour!” as he trips across our laps is not exactly a weight loss regimen.


Peter Parker (L) and FlashCat (R) get their exams.

Another surprise was that FlashCat, who is bigger and traditionally fatter, is *not* overweight, he’s just big boned and has extra flaps of fur. Flabby or flappy? IDK.


Chonk on the Left, Flaps on the Right.


Meanwhile Darth Snowflake weighs in at 8.8 lbs.; perfect for his petite little frame.

You mean, “Purrfect.”.



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