Beach Bro

March 2021

Here is my brother as a young homeless hippy living on a beach in Hawaii. One of my favorite photos of any person of all time.


My brother Rob on 69 Beach of Hawaii’s Big Island in March of 1989


Now it’s a few lifetimes later and it just makes sense to me he’s with this magical goddess of a human being. Like for example she actually swims in the San Franscisco Bay any time of year.

Eliza, Goddess of the Bay (Art by Bubble Wow / Mom)


She gets him out on bikes and hikes and beach-going explorations around the Bay Area on the regular. Here they are the other day “recharging” in another place I don’t know called “Seabright Beach” in Santa Cruz:

Her little dog is crazy about him too.

Not quite as young a hippy anymore, but still a Beach Bro.

And as self-appointed Little Sister #1, I am so very happy for him.

I also hope that little dog gives him a bit o’ hell.

In my stead. (o:


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2 Responses to Beach Bro

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Ain’t it the truth? I don’t know how to use FB emojis, but:
    like, like, like, like, like

  2. Ya me too Mom. (o:

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