AT RISE: The Most Boring Mom in the World

Thursday, March 11th 2021

AT RISE: Boy is showing Mom his hand drawn Dungeons & Dragons map at the dinner table. CJ is sitting next to her.

MOMB: Man! How do you have time to draw all that when you’re always [impersonates zombie operating a computer] derrr...

BOY: [Slams notebook closed.] Man I wish you were ticklish .

CJ: Me too!

MOMB: I know. But instead you guys got the most boring mom in the world.

BOY: [Puts mom in headlock] I guess I’ll have to suffocate you instead.

MOMB: OK just go ahead and choke me out then.

CJ: [Starts teeny-tiny little annoying pinching mom.]

MOMB: OW! [Incredulous.]. You’re PINCHING me!?!

BOY: Oh, pinching! Good idea CJ. [Begins pinching mom.]

MOMB: [Fighting off children.]

BOY: OW! I pinched myself!

ALL: [Pause. Burst out laughing.]




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1 Response to AT RISE: The Most Boring Mom in the World

  1. B Wow says:

    Sounds like you barely survived. Serves you right for being so boring.

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