Back to School 2020 – Day Two

Thursday, September 17th 2020

4th & 7th Grade Distance Learning – DAY TWO


  1. CJ’s teacher provided cardstock copies of Montessori Materials:

One of the first tasks was to cut them into tiny squares; a simple physical craft.  FANTASTIC. 

2. My favorite!  Sanctioned time for Animal Show & Tell:

Kitten and Boomsy make guest appearances in 7th Grade.


2020-09-17 Kitten & Boomsy Attend 7th Grade [1:02]:



3. ClaraJane tears up some leaves for observation in her Science Notebook:

I love it.


4. She is also assigned to look out the window and draw what she sees:

Freaking brilliant.



5. There are also little mental health breaks throughout the day:

Peter Parker gives great belly.  aka: #BELLEH!


6.  Meanwhile, Gavin’s school schedule is so organized and clear that we actually KNOW WHAT IT IS!  

A most life-saving and welcome change from the chaos of crisis distance learning we had in the spring. #Halleluia


7.   All done with school and time for after school cartoons; classic.

I cannot judge; Bugs Bunny & Road Runner were a salvation when I was a kid.


8. Besides, we go outside to the garden…

CJ finds a Cosmos flower sprouting among our new clover patch.


9.  To the park…

10. And to the POOL!

Still pinching myself that a beautiful public pool opened up in our neighborhood (pic pending).

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