First Day of School 2020 – Gavin & ClaraJane

Wednesday, September 16th 2020

It’s finally here! Here is pandemic-style Back-to-School for us:

ClaraJane and Gavin begin 4th and 7th Grade respectively.


After several missteps, stumbles, and inelegant moments courtesy of moi, ClaraJane and Gavin each make it onto their First Day of School Meetings.

For one thing I know how to provide SNACK.


Even though we are still home, so far it is like night and day compared to our crisis learning experience this past spring. The teachers and leadership capabilities of our schools are shining through.  Honestly they seem so prepared and organized.

Introductory circle in Gavin’s new 7th Grade advisory class.

I almost hate to say it but I’m starting to feel relief and… optimism?

CJ’s teacher Ms. Stacey even included a 5-minute segment for kids to show off pets and stuffed animals.  Be still my heart!  

Kitten seems extra ready for in-home schooling, especially for  study breaks.  And who wouldn’t want all these TOE BEANS on their curriculum?


Meanwhile, time for more snacks: 

Gavin would like more honey in his tea, and CJ is surprised to be this hungry already.


I’m kind of stuck in limbo, available if needed, a little too nervous to dive into any other project. Thankfully my kids can provide clear directives:


OK honey! Mommy can take a hint. I will be right here for when you… don’t need me?

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2 Responses to First Day of School 2020 – Gavin & ClaraJane

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Love you all. GP

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Congratulations on the nice spaces you’ve made for each kid for study. Not to mention superlative SNACKS!

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