Back to School 2020 – Day Three

Friday, September 18th 2020

4th & 7th Grade Distance Learning – DAY THREE

Be still my heart. Is this WORKING?!

The kids are subsumed into their computers off and on throughout the day, and so far they only seem to need me for:


#2. Little updates about whatever’s going on.

It’s surreal.


  1. I may not COOK. But I. DO. SNACK.

2. Meanwhile I check on Gavin and see THIS. Grrr…

He says he was just “waiting for Science to start.”

Hopefully he’s like, mostly telling the truth, and stuff like that?

3. Now ClaraJane is done with her (half) day and living her best life:

CJ reading her kindle and munching apples under a FULL FUR SNAKE.

4. Before you know it (and before I can finish these posts), school is done for the day. The week actually!

Time for a little celebration:


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1 Response to Back to School 2020 – Day Three

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    So happy it’s better than in the spring. Almost GOOD?!

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