Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Mom Please We Can’t

Monday, February 24th 2020


Sock-Diapered Bun


Heading out for work Monday evening, we decide to leave Boom-Boom out running around in “diapers.”  (See: DIY-bunny-diaper.)

Once before the kids managed to get his diaper off and put him away, so they can do it tonight.  Mind you this entails catching the Bun, wrestling him out of a wet sock full of p*ss and sh*t, and getting him in his cage for the night.

When I get home later, the bulging sock diaper and this note are waiting for me:



MOM Please we can’t or I [barf] (not actually)


Lol no problem.  Good job kids, thanks!

lol emoji

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2 Responses to Crazy Bunny Lady Diaries: Mom Please We Can’t

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    I guess that particular onerous chore becomes doable only when you birth your own baby.

    • Well, what I didn’t get into is the false equivalence between bunny poo and virtually any other kind. Bun pellets are basically little balls of processed hay. Nothing like that of a human baby or dog or cat!

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