At Rise: Tube and Blob

Tuesday, February 25th 2020



AT RISE:  It is morning and Gavin has found a jacket he hasn’t grown out of.  He is about to head out the door to school.

GAVIN:  Do you think this will be enough Mom?  [Models light wind breaker.]

MOM:  Yeah Babe I think so.  It’s not too cold out.

GAVIN:  Great.

MOM:  Besides, you’re a young, healthy, strong… tube of hormones!  You can handle it.

GAVIN:  ‘Tube of Hormones?’  Is that what you’re calling me today?

MOM:  If the shoe fits…!

GAVIN:  Alright, well you’re a… sack of… mold!

MOM:  Ahh, touché.   OK I deserve that.

GAVIN:  Yeah you do.  [Picks up yoyo.]

MOM:  Have a great day Sweetie!

GAVIN:  Yeah you too.  [Heads out door, flinging yoyo.]

MOM:  Love you Babe!!!

GAVIN:  [Blows trademark kiss noise.]


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