Early Voting Week

Monday, February 24th 2020

del early voting

It’s early voting week here in Massachusetts and I am humbled and awed that I have another chance to vote for my Bernie.

After the horrific catastrophe of 2016, my daughter would still wish on a dandelion and say; “I wish Bernie Sanders was President.” 

Because I didn’t want to quash her sentiment, I didn’t try to hard to explain that the election was over.  But I also didn’t anticipate how far and deep the well of Bernie’s passion, conviction and morals –fueled by the Movement he’s inspired– would bring us.

I’m so thankful my little daughter –whose age has doubled in these four troubling years– never gave up hope.   And neither will I.


PS:  To my loved ones in the Orange Cult;  SOCIALISM IS NOT DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM.  Your fear of “Socialism” is a result of brain-washed worship of FOX “News” and your fossil-fueled portfolio.  Yet I still believe in you!  I believe that you have more intelligence and compassion than that: for the poor, for people different than you, for people less privileged than us, for the PLANET we all share, and for the FUTURE of my CHILDREN!!   How’s about you vote as if my children’s lives depend upon it!?!  THEY DO.


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