Skyline: OMG Wait, What? Eek and… Farewell

February 1st 2020


Dad and El Paso on the Skyline Ranch


Today is the day my parents evacuate my childhood home, in “Oakland,” California.

Except it was never “Oakland.”  To me it’s “Secret Magic Unicorn Oakland.”

It’s not the Oakland you think about, or even one that most people know about.

It was an old ranch my parents found on the tippy top of paradise and bought for a song when I was six weeks old.

But now it is a sprawling equestrian estate, with the same, steady 20 mile view of gorgeous and protected Regional Park mountains.

I doubt there is a term for “Upper Middle Class Climate Refugees,” but the Fire Insurance alone has gone up around $25,000 per year, on top of all the other kinds of insurance and expenses.  And when you are are of retirement age with limited income… turns out that is a deal breaker.

So after a month of packing up 50 years worth of homesteading under the incomparable direction of my indomitable stepmom Anita, plus a little transition period, they are off to Ann Arbor Michigan.

I am numb.

And eternally grateful my son and I crafted a spontaneous surprise visit out there this past November.  I did not suspect that would be my last time to set foot on the tippy top of Earth’s paradise.  Or to see my Dad gazing over this domain for the last time.



Update:  I was mistaken, and they are not moving out for two more weeks.  Still packing like the dickens and getting out of dodge asap though.



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