CircusKitchen Animal Care

February 2020

3 Fat Cat Stack (Bottom to Top: Flash, Peter Parker, and “Kitten”)

Greetings Beloved Animal Care Giver!

THANK YOU for volunteering to take care of our five magnificent beasts.

First up, Les Chats.

1. FLASH: The Slow One

Here’s a big, dumb, shy, black & white fellow; ITCHY HEAD. He LIVES to have the top of his head scratched.

2. PETER PARKER: The Coy One

His tail curves up, but he likes his butt smacked; gently but firmly, with the three center fingers, right on his sacrum. (You might need to hold the tail down with your other hand).

3. KITTEN: The One With Attitude

His name is “Darth Snowflake,” but he only knows “Kitten,” and kiss noises 💋 💋 💋. I can’t explain the spell he casts on us. Likes to be stroked from head to tail, and also the side of his neck rubbed gently with the side of your finger.

In addition to love they also need food.


Please open three cans of cat food meat and place in their blue food bin. Then pour one container of kibble in the bin also. This is enough for one day.


Please rinse and refill their bowl of water (next to the dishwasher). Thank you!

How you know the food bin is empty.

Now for the Buns!

4. FLUFF and NUTTER. The buns are finicky and hard to interact with very much by themselves. I do not recommend picking them up, but you may pet them, and/or offer them a treat (yogurt drop) from the jam jar.


Please rinse and refill their water mug. (Very important!)


A) One big (messy) handful of hay goes on the right side of their bottom floor bin.

B) Onto the hay please pour one scoop of bunny kibble.

C) Grab a couple generous handfuls of fresh veggies from the container in the fridge and place it on their “balcony.”

That is it. Thank you SO SO much!!

We thank you, and if our pets were capable of any gratitude whatsoever, I’m sure they’d thank you too.

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of, “CircusKitchen Animal Care.”


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