Kids in Cars with My Sister and Me

Friday, January 31st 2020

Although I spend most of this day with our Mom, it is my sister and our kids whose pictures I capture (even if by video chat).   Here is my sister going somewhere with her little kids:


Amanda actually has the most amazing smile and the only reason it’s not showing here is because we’re discussing something serious.

Mary is five, Rowan is 1½, Miles (not shown) is 12.  

Here is me going somewhere with mine:


ClaraJane is reading “Frozen II” on the way to see “Frozen II.” (o:

Gavin is 11, ClaraJane is 8.


As you can see, her youngest children are younger than mine, which is why you see her face buried amid a swirl of cherubic faces, sticky fingers and active artwork in progress on-the-go.

My kids faces are buried in books.

It’s all so good.  We are all healthy and alive and making messes and doing stuff, briefly flying around on a piece of rock whirling through the universe.  What immeasurable blessings!


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1 Response to Kids in Cars with My Sister and Me

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    These photos make my heart sing! Love me some nieces and their kids (my great nieces and nephews!)

    Jane Ann Nelson Executive Recruiter and Sales Imprimis


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