Potty Times – Island Camping Edition

Wednesday, August 14th 2019

Camping on their favorite Boston Harbor Island (Lovell’s), Mamma is escorting Girl on her Potty Emergency Quest.

Mom: [Starts speed walking, helpfully.]

Girl: Mom DON’T!!! Wait for ME!

Mom: [Slows down.]. I’m sorry Honey. I know it’s a… a crappy feeling.

Girl: STOP IT MOM! This isn’t the time to make poop jokes!

Mom: Oh, sorry. [Pause.] Really?

Girl: [Firmly] NO!

Mom: [Aims hand toward composting outhouse coming into view.] Alright Girl, now there’s your target! Now; GO infiltrate that building! Bring what you have to share, and deposit your package!

Girl: And get something in return. [Runs* ahead.] Which is an empty butt!




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