Animal Husbandry with Olivia

Wednesday, August 14th 2019

AT RISE: Upon arrival to camp at Lovell’s Island, Niece Olivia immediately finds and adopts a snail.

Olivia: I need to build him a jail. Snail Jail. I wonder what I should name him?

[Later that night, during dinner at the campsite picnic table.]

Olivia: [Pensively]. I wonder where my turtle is?

Four Oberhausers: ???

Gavin: Your TURTLE?

Olivia: I mean snail! Oh! I should name him ‘Turtle’!

Aunt Jenny: ‘Turtle the Snail’?

Olivia: Yeah!

[Turtle the Snail is soon located on the camp furniture, poking his head and antennae all about quite charmingly. Olivia gives him a leaf.]

Turtle the Snail: !



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