Camping: Beartown Forest State Forest

Memorial Day Weekend 2019


Appalachian Trail Lean-to


Wow, another new Massachusetts State Forest —and camping trip #22!— on the books.

This time we had the bonus of Cousin/Nephew Zachary!


AND we unexpectedly hiked some of the Appalachian Trail for the first time. (!!!)

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HIGHLIGHTS:  A.T. Hikes.  Salmon dinner.  Adding a nephew to the mix.


2. ZMFB: 

HIGHLIGHTS:  A.T. Hikes.  Blowing apart a June Bug with a skittle from a slingshot. Uncle Paul lighting his fart on fire.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Making a spear.  Throwing it chipmunks.  Fishing.  Making a fishing spear.  Best nights of sleep in a long time.

LOWLIGHTS:  Packing up


3. GAVIN: 

Not any bad parts.  Only good parts.  Making spears. 



LEAST FAVORITE:   Going spear fishing, “Because the geese kept hissing at me!”

HIGHLIGHTS:  Beach.  Finding the salamander.  Chasing my mom and dragging her back to safety on the shore.  Hiking.  Eating.  Sleeping.  Giving that June Bug a funeral and melting him in a fire. 


5. MOM: 

LOWLIGHTS:  Getting the kids to pack up.  The constant stream of abandoned things.  Being dragged back to shore by ClaraJane.  (o;

HIGHLIGHTS:  Hiking the A.T. so unexpectedly and successfully!  Floating on the floaty mattress at the little beach.  Having everything we need (and not TOO much we don’t).  Breaking through to the potential of BACKPACKING.  Succinct and ample rationing of food.  The weather.  GREAT KIDS!

ALL AGREED:  Making spears.  Nephew/Cousin.  Fire.  S’mores. 


On a log. By a DAM!. On the Appalachian Trail.





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  1. MIMI BREED says:

    Looks pretty good. Not as good as Entering Athol, but what is?


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