Mad Hot Cambridge Ballroom Showcase

Tuesday, May 21st 2019

My baby has been taking ballroom dance in gym, and tonight was the city-wide showcase at the high school gym.  Be still my heart!  (I turned down work for this!)

2019-05-21 Mad Hot Cambridge Ballroom Showcase [2:26]:


Of Note:  At Tobin, instead of pairing up Boy-Girl, they pair up by “Right Foot Starter” or “Left Foot Starter.”   I noticed my son *not* complaining about Ballroom Dance while they were studying it.  I also noticed how he told me one time that he figured out by choosing to be a Right Foot Starter, he never has to get paired with a GIRL.  I find it amusing how satisfied he was with this “hack,” lol.  And how nonplussed he was to be paired up with his Gym Teacher for the Showcase.

Also of Note:  Omg my baby’s legs are like stilts, especially when he tucks his shirt all the way in and cinches his belt up all the way.

More Importantly:  Our principal Jaime -my hero- joining the kids for a celebratory “Cotton Eyed Joe” in the end.  Her incredible spirit is so 100% lovely, loving and infectious it brings me to tears.  (And he will be surpassing her in height *any* day now, lol.)

Final Note:   Gavin was so affectionate and happy to have us there.  Afterwards he said, “Thank you” to me and daddy for coming “and supporting me.”

Be still my heart again.

Anytime, Baby!


PS:  Thank goodness I at least got the video made before my phone deleted all the photos!


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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thank you for this! I felt like was there! Good on you, Gavin. Well done!

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