Clowns Without Borders: No Laughing Matter

Monday, November 19th 2018

del arriving lesbos.jpg

I see no difference between this parent and myself, do you?


After a year of Hospital Clowning under my belt I finally feel ready to start trying to join Clowns Without a Borders.  Here is a documentary of an example of their exploits, in Lesbos three years ago already:

No Laughing Matter: ‘Clowns without Borders’ make refugees smile again (RT Documentary) [26:53]:


Rescue Volunteer:  “We feel it’s our duty to be here, because the Norwegian Military has been bombing Afghanistan.  We’ve been bombing Libya.  And then later, we don’t want to help the refugees?  I think it’s crazy because part of it, it’s our fault.  If it wasn’t for us, they probably wouldn’t be here!” 
“Can you even imagine the fishermen?  They don’t even want to fish anymore, because they’re tired of getting (human) babies in their net.” 


When I wake up on the bathroom floor counting my blessings, the victims in this documentary are the humans I am thinking about.

I don’t necessarily feel that clowns make the biggest difference, but variety performing is what I know and just like the hospital clowning we make some difference some times.

My working theory is that maybe a little humanity can go a long way.  And it’s sure as hell better to share compassion than not to.

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2 Responses to Clowns Without Borders: No Laughing Matter

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Bless you for thinking about something that scarcely bears thinking about.

    • I’m sorry I have no idea what you mean. I think like 2/7 of the human population is displaced? How does it not bear thinking about? I mean for those of us blessed enough to be able to think anyway, and to have access to information.

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