At Rise: Pound Cake So Good

Wednesday, November 21st 2018

delete slice of pound cake.jpg

AT RISE:  The kids have returned from their afternoon adventures with Bubble Wow wherein ClaraJane baked pound cake with grandma and brought half of it home for Mamma to try.  Mom is in the kitchen trying a piece, ClaraJane is in the living room.

Mom:  [muffled chewing] Oh my god this poundcake is so good!!

ClaraJane: [zooms around the dining table on rollerskates]  I KNOW! [and into the kitchen]  That’s why I had to eat HALF!

Mom:  [spews only a few crumbs trying to muffle her chortling laugh]

ClaraJane: [cracks up laughing at herself]


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1 Response to At Rise: Pound Cake So Good

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Two pound cake addicts reveling in their addiction. (CJ had help with her “half”, from Gavin and me.) Yes, it was good! Thank you, Betty Crocker.

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