At Rise: Go Create

Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Part of our kids’ “Non-School Morning Routine” includes the directive to “GO CREATE!”

AT RISE:   The two kids come up to mommy working at the computer at the dining room table.

Gavin:  Um Mamma?  For “Go Create” today is it okay if CJ and I work on something together?

Mom:  Sure honey, that sounds great.

[Gavin and ClaraJane are head down the hallway together, giggling.

Mom:  Hey!  What are you two giggling about?

Them:  [Continuing down the hall.]  (Giggle giggle.)

Mom:  Hey!  What’s so funny!

Them:  [Disappearing around the corner.] (Giggle giggle!)

Mom: [Hollering down the hallway]  I’m more scared than happy about you working on this together you know! 

Them:  (Giggle giggle!)

[Later:  Gavin and ClaraJane reappear.]

Gavin:  OK for our “Go Create” today we made up names for you and Daddy.  [Turns to his sister.]  You say it.

CJ:  No you say it!

Gavin:  OK, Mamma; you are GROUCHO MARXIMUS.  Because you’re grouchy, but you’re funny!

Them:  Ha ha ha!

CJ:  And Dadda you are SIR TALL STINKS-A-LOT!

delete groucho marx

Them:  Hee hee hee.

Mom:   Gee thanks kids.  That’s just.  Great.







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