At Rise: Big Airplane

Thursday, July 19th 2018

delete big airplane.png

AT RISE:  The Oberhauser four are on the highway to glamorous Springfield, MA.  DLove is driving and Mamma is feeding him some Trader Joe’s shrimp tempura sushi.  In the backseat seven year-old Girl is sleeping and ten year-old Boy is reading.

MOM [to BOY]:  Do you want to try some Boy?

BOY: Um… what’s in it?

MOM:  Shrimp.  And some sweet tempura sauce.  It’s not too spicy.


MOM [to DLOVE]:   He’s been asking some really good questions about food lately.

DLOVE:  Yes he’s been adventurous in trying new foods.  Like the onions.

MOM:  What onions?

BOY:  The white onions that Daddy’s had lately?  Mmmm…

MOM:  Oh yeah, Vidalia.  Yum.

BOY:  Yeah and the purple onions that usually come with salad?  I’m going to order those with sandwiches now. 

MOM:   Nice.  Alright, here you go.

BOY:  [leans forward to eat as Mamma is twisting sideways holding out loaded chopsticks from the front seat.]    Can’t… reach it!

MOM:  C’mon.  Come get it Boy.  [Sarcastic baby voice:] Here comes the big airplane!! 

[Food makes it to Boy’s mouth and he is now chewing and giggling at the same time.]

MOM:  Ooh!  He likes it!   Cool.  OK well there’s one left.  Who wants the last one?

BOY [swallows and claps once with his hands]:  C’mon!  Where’s the Big Airplane?


delete big airplane spoon


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