My New Crush: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

July 1st 2017

del alexandria ocasio cortez.jpg


What a way to start off the 2nd half of this horrific year, with a win by this spunky young self-styled Democratic-Socialist from the Bronx, upsetting an old moldy Democrat in Congress.  Booyah!

‘This is the beginning’: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Victory Speech [3:46]:

I love her.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:  Trump Isn’t Ready For A Girl From The Bronx [5:56]:

I love her.


Ocasio-Cortez: I’m upset by Trump’s Disrespect [7:04]

I love her.


And I love that her fans found out her brand of lipstick, which then SOLD OUT immediately.


del Alexandria Ocasio Cortez lipstick tweet

I love her.


She’s so energetic, passionate, articulate, relatable, easy on the eyes and most of all she brandishes a moral compass pointing in all the right places:

“No one should be too poor to live.”

~ Alexandria Ocasio Cortez




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