At Rise: Read It Or Else

Wednesday, June 13th 2018

delete hera


AT RISE:  Mom and kids are about to head for the bus to school.

Gavin:  Mom.  Before I leave, I’m going to bring you the book HERA.  And you must have it read by NEXT Wednesday.  And then, if you fail?  If you fail… I get an extra hour of video game time.

Mom:  Um… OK!

Gavin:  And if you don’t succeed, I won’t just take the hour anytime like if we have a busy schedule or something.

Mom:  Right.  We’d come up with a good time for it.  Besides I’m not going to lose anyway.  I may be illiterate but I’m not a loser!

Gavin:  [Tiny, almost imperceptible fart.]

Mom:  Good.  I’m glad we agree!

Gavin:  First of all, that was a scoff of disbelief.

Mom:  What?  That wasn’t a one click fart?

Gavin:  No, that was a one-click fart.  But what my butt was saying was a scoff of disbelief.   Anyway, I believe you!

Mom:  Thanks honey.



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