Children in Cages – What to Do?

June 11th 2018

Screenshot 2018-06-11 13.23.57.png


These children are imprisoned for being born somewhere.

My hospital clown training has taught me that the pain we feel in the face of others’ suffering is not only perceptual but neurological.  And the way to relieve that neurological distress is to ACT on the sufferer’s behalf.   Therefore for my OWN health my first act is a mere $5 per month contribution to to join the fight against these and other injustices.

Jeff Merkley is the Senator from Oregon who recently toured the detention facilities of immigrant children separated from their parents and trapped in cages.  He is the one politician most visibly fighting this inhumanity.  He also has the balls to call it exactly what it is: Evil.

For starters I follow his lead by supporting MoveOn.

Though what I really want to do is become a performer with Clowns Without Borders and visit all 12,000+ children in all 100 detention facilities in 14 states, and do my best to provide relief -even if for a moment- by helping them remember their own humanity,  experience that someone cares, and promote their resilience- through the fundamental human right that is laughter.


Yeah sure, military bases too.



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