Do We Have Any Pizza Left Mom?

Monday, April 30th 2018


AT RISE:  Mom & kids are walking to the bus stop before school the day before Boy turns ten.

Boy:  Hey Mom?

Mom:  Yeah babe?

Boy:  Do we have any pizza left?

Mom:  Well yeah (there are three boxes on the kitchen counter leftover from the birthday party), but it’s two days old now.

Boy:  Well can I just tell you my idea?

Mom:  Sure hon of course.

Boy:  My idea was that we could heat it up, and then drive around and hand it out to homeless people and stuff.

Mom:  Oh man that was  I was thinking for that hour I had at home between gigs yesterday!  But regrettably at this point we’ve pretty much missed our window to do that.

Boy:  You had an hour yesterday?  I don’t remember that.

Mom:  Well yeah.  When I got back you were at the park.  So I let the bunnies out, edited some photos of your party, loaned (our neighbor) Semmie my bike and showed  him how to blow up the tires.  Then you and I practiced improvised engineering to get your badminton birdie out of the drain, remember?

Boy:  Yeah!

Mom:  And then I made Shrinky-Dinks with ClaraJane.  It was one of the most favorite hours of my life!  I loved it.

Boy:  I loved it too.

Mom:  But great idea though. We should definitely do it some other time.

Boy:  Yeah.

Mom:  Such a bummer we let that food go to waste.  Hup, here’s your bus.

Boy:  Bye Mom.

Mom:  Bye babe, love you!

[Hugs, kisses all round.  Kids get on yellow school bus and it pulls away.]




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