At Rise: Don’t Drink Rainwater

Monday, February 5th 2018 – (Continued)

harvesting rainwater

AT RISE:  In the car to school, ClaraJane is regaling Mom and Brother with a story about one time at her cousins’ house when her baby doll was thirsty and she was SNEAKING out of bed to fetch her water.  Rainwater apparently.

CJ:    By the third time it was morning and Uncle Joe was up, and he saw me.  And HE said, ‘Better not drink rain water, it’s full of bird poop!’  [giggles]

Gavin:  Did you drink any of the water?

CJ:  No.  It was for Baby Doll.

Gavin:  Oh, and Baby Doll can drink anything?

CJ:  Uh, NOOO! [condescending tone]  She’s a DOLL?  Remember?  She can’t drink ANYTHING!  Don’t you know that?

Gavin:  Yeah I KNOW dolls can’t actually drink anything!  I was just being interested in your story, jeez!

Mom:  [Gently teases CJ for lambasting her listener for suspending his disbelief so well, we all have a great laugh, and I don’t care if this holds together as a legit funny anecdote or not because all that matters is I love them and #EvidenceTheyGetAlong.]


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