Parenting: Pause Button

Monday, February 5th 2018

Play Pause

Driving the kids to school early before my Parenting Class today, ClaraJane starts in on a thread about how one time she got a terrible night’s sleep; and it affected her dreams; and then she manipulated her dreams; and all this stuff happened; and, and, and.  I’m not sure where the story’s  going –or for how long– but meanwhile Gavin is waiting patiently to speak so after a while I say, “OK Pause! Gavin what did you have to say?”

Then Gavin starts in asking if I subscribe to the myth that at exactly 3am, video game hackers around the world can break into Roblox and Minecraft and take over everything, and, and, and.  Poor kid but that is a world about which I am simply unqualified to opine or –apparently– care.   I test my luck; “OK Pause!”  Pulling into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot I say, “You guys kept your end of the bargain getting ready early this morning, so what kind of donuts do you want?”

I figure if either of their recitatives are important they can resume them any time, and probably will.  Neither of them seemed to mind, and most importantly I was able to avoid officially shutting them down or cutting them off just because I happened to have neither the time nor the interest in their particular topics at that time.  After all I needed to get to my Parenting Class, lol.

And though twice be but a pattern, this sudden “PAUSE!” tool worked for me TWO TIMES already, so I am capturing it here that I may remember to try it, as needed, again.


Or maybe it was just the… luck of the donuts.



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4 Responses to Parenting: Pause Button

  1. Paul Oberhauser says:

    I wonder if it will work on my wife?

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Coulda been the donuts, but try PAUSE again and find out.

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