Performing Life: Kids Night Balloon Jam

Monday, February 5th 2018

2018-02-05 BALLOON JAM VIDEO [29 seconds]: 


Mamma mia.  Every Monday night I provide face painting and balloon animals for Kids Night at a Pizzeria near Boston.  This night was off the hook because the local balloon twisting community collaborated with me to host a workshop “jam” there.  The turnout far exceeded anyone’s expectations so it was crowded and crazy for a while, but great.  I also conscripted Dear Hubsand to bring the children, for added measure.

They kindly took turns painting each other while I was busy with the balloon artists.


Gavin jumps into the action.


The balloon jam culminates in a contest; tonight’s theme being All Things Italian.


Johnny, Adrian & other staff members judge the entries.



First Place:

Wine bottle candlestick in a bed of fruit by Robbie Furman, renowned “Twistocologist.











Second Place:

Nintendo Mario by Steven










Third Place:

Balloon Pope, lol!

By Sara Krakauer








Fun Fact:  Jonah doesn’t usually smile like this and normally looks more exactly like that balloon, lol.


Honorable Mention:

Look-a-like Jonah,

by Jonah with an assist from Patty Sorrell.






Gavin even gave it a go and entered his own slice of pizza pie!*


Proud of himself and rightfully so.

Mom’s #1 Pick



*Which is both better and more than I have done;  I wouldn’t know how to make a pizza slice and have never entered a balloon contest!




Time to go home.


Goodnight ClaraJane Unicorn Balloon Princess Fairy Girl


I clean up and the staff enjoys the spoils:

Adrian models googly glasses

Hilarious cook dude sports a latex fedora

Rob (and sometimes Santa) making pizza in style, cook dude mocking him down the line 









And that’s how you host balloon jam at your restaurant Kids Night gig.


PS:  Gavin insists I include this story about the balloon jam evening:  leaning pisa

When I was about to leave a young man from the bar came up to me and said, “You do a great job.  I see you every week and sometimes I want a balloon.” 

I thanked him and said, “Well can I interest you in this Leaning Tower of Pisa?”

He said, ‘No way, really?!”  And tipped me five bucks.  I didn’t even make the thing, my friend Bruce did.  So Bruce if you’re reading this, I guess I owe you five bucks. 


Also of note: 

Before leaving, our host Bruce told me how Gavin had come up to him with a very nice bum rushthank you.  When I got home I asked Daddy if he’d told Gavin to say thank you, and he said, “Uh, no.”  When I mentioned this to Gavin this morning and he said, “Yeah, Daddy was trying to bum rush me out of there but I told him to wait a minute.”  

Ha nice try Daddy Love.

#BumRush  #DLove  #lol


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