Independence Morning

Saturday, January 27th 2018

Ahhh! We just let our nine year old son walk to the corner store for milk! His idea entirely.

He’s got his sneakers on, the money, his Dad’s phone, a mopey little sister, and a game plan.

“Why can’t I go too?” she moans morosely.

“Cuz’ you’re six!” Plain and simple. Sorry toots. But here’s a hug from your (considerably older) brother, who is not going to be saddled with responsibility for another person on his first voyage.

A hug…


And he’s out. 


In fact, I’m writing this post to assuage my nervous energy while he’s gone, and he just *called* me with an update!

“Hi Mom, I just wanted to call and let you know how it went. Everything went fine. I got the milk. You were right they didn’t have lactaid. I have the change, and I’m on my way back!”

And hell ya, here he is:


OK, existential bullet dodged.

Let’s never try THAT again.



Who said anything about candy?



I guess if you’re going to share with your sister…




Anyway, looks like we survived this harrowing ordeal. Thank goodness this is all behind us now.


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1 Response to Independence Morning

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Yes, thank goodness that’s the last time you’ll have to worry about your children in the big bad world.

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