Hospital Clowning: ABCD with Dr. Gonzo

Friday, January 26th 2018

Blessed to work with Dr. Gonzo not once but twice this week!

Drs. Be Bopper & Gonzo  (o:



A seven year old boy named Jesus speaks only Spanish.  After exhausting our limited Spanish we devolve into strictly Kazoo Language, which turns out Drs. Gonzo & Be Bopper speak fluently!  two kazoosWe have a juggling competition and a spat -all in kazoo- and when one of Gonzo’s juggling balls mysteriously disappears, I look on as Gonzo brilliantly pins the crime on the kid, even “finding” the ball behind his bed!  I am happy to report (in my highly professional Medical Clown opinion), that Jesus received a vigorous dose of laughter today.



I love partnering with Dr. Gonzo as I am trying to be the dignified (#1) clown and he (#2) keeps “interrupting” with “Wanna see a magic trick!?!wanna see magic

Be Bopper:  Dr. Gonzo, please, I’m trying to (introduce myself, learn this person’s name, etc.).

Gonzo:  Oh really?  OK.  … WANNNASEEAMAGICTRICK!?!!



I also love his ability to diagnose a squeaky pillow, blanket or bed, and then treat it with a fart gun.  It’s like poof!  Problem solved.



We finish our rounds in the E.D. (Emergency Department), regaling a teenager and his mom and aunt with tearable puns“TEARABLE PUNS.”

(The few times I’ve been asked for puns before I was unprepared.  Risking that no more these things have been burning a hole in my pocket all day. )

The teen was at least 15, and doggedly trying to focus on his device whilst failing to disguise his palpable discomfort with our presence.  The ladies however were delighted.  It was the kind of teenage angst that begs being leaned into at times, and we were on the job.

When I finally said, “A dyslexic man walked into a bra,” he cracked.  We agreed once we got three laughs we’d leave.  After just a couple dozen more groaners we were outta there.  What better way to finish off the week but by grinding it into the floor with the lowest form of humor?

It’s gotta be done, and by dog we did it.


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2 Responses to Hospital Clowning: ABCD with Dr. Gonzo

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Dyslexics of the world — UNTIE!

  2. Robb Preskins says:

    Fantastic Day Jenny!!!
    Dr. GonZo

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