Touchnote: Stand Up Guy

Post January 20th 2017

2018-01-20 GAVIN IS A STANDUP GUY.jpg

At the risk of bragging, and reticent as I am to use the term, it is no secret I am PROUD of my young son and his political activism thus far.  He is the reason we made it all the way to D.C. for the historic Women’s March last year.  It was a joy to reprise and revisit that incomparable celebration of equality and inclusion on its first anniversary this past Saturday in our own town.

And though he is currently growing up under the horrifically racist, bigoted, xenophobic, dishonest, fascist, sexist, violent, kleptocratic and morally bankrupt republican kakistocracy,  we will never accept it.  He is of a generation that embraces the inherent dignity and worth of all people, whilst the OLD WHITE CHRISTIAN RACISTS  will DIE. OFF. DISAPPOINTED.


And thanks to the wonderful Touchnote app on my phone, in a few days Boy will receive this postcard (with picture up top), perhaps to add to the vision board we created next to his bed:



2018-01-20 13.07.19.jpg


Le swoon.


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2 Responses to Touchnote: Stand Up Guy

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Proud Grandma.

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