ClaraJane’s Playdate

Saturday, January 27th 2018

2018-01-27 Playdate Card.jpg

By some series of miracles;  I decoded some clues about who my six year old’s friends are , that she’d like to have them over to play, how to reach their parents, REACHED them, they replied, I had this Saturday OFF, they did too, and BOOM.  It happened!  A playdate for the kids AND the mommies.  Maybe not a big deal for some, but definitely an achievement for me.

The moms were rad and the kids played like magic.  They even have a thing they invented called “Hug Meeting.”

2018-01-27 HUG MEETING, THE MOVIE [13 seconds]:


Can we just put kids in charge of the world?  Haven’t grownups messed things up enough already?


ClaraJane’s review of the Playdate:  A Diagram of Happy and Sad

2018-01-28 14.53.03 PlayDate Review by CJ.jpg

“Happy that it happened, Sad that it’s over.” 



2018-01-27 Playdate Message.jpeg

fun playmate AND kind person

2018-02-04 13.51.10 Touchnote.jpg

Touchnote Card


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